Quick Continuous Cash Yes! 
And You Also Get Our
Credit Risk Expertise
at No Additional Fee

Accurately assessing credit risk is really the essential 
part of our factoring business. Few, if any, business clients
can perform this function as objectively as we will.

For no additional fee, we act as your credit
department for new and existing customers.
This provides you with a huge advantage over
in-house performance of these functions.

Consider the scenario where a salesperson has 
a new account with a potential for large purchases.
The salesperson wants the business-so much so that
he or she may overlook red flags associated with credit
difficulties. The salesperson may even walk the
account through your own internal credit checking
procedures, in order to side step established controls.
While this may get you the sale, it won't get the money,
and with no money, there is no sale.

This will not happen with us. We make credit decisions
with full knowledge of the new customer's credit situation.
We will not buy the invoices of a poorly-rated customer
and risk nonpayment. But don't look upon our participation
as a tightening of credit to the extent that your business
will be affected in a way that is beyond your control.
If you have a new customer with questionable
creditworthiness, the decision to do business
with that person is still yours.
(However, we will reserve the right to say "I told you so!")

We may not buy those invoices, but you are still free
to extend credit terms as you see fit.
You remain in control
Whatever decisions are made, you can be assured that, 
because of the factor's participation,you will be making
decisions and extending credit based on more complete,
objective and higher quality information than you
have in the past.

We will fully research new clients and, equally important,
we will routinely check the credit ratings of your
existing customers.
This contrasts greatly with most businesses,
where routine credit updates are seldom run on the
established customer base. This is potentially a huge
When a business does opt to do a credit check,
it is usually too late and the problem is already out of hand.
On the other hand, we will inform you immediately
if there is a change in the credit status of
one of your existing customers.

In addition to the specific customer credit 
information that we provide, you will have the
benefits of comprehensive, detailed reports on your
accounts receivables as a whole. As a part of the process
you will receive accounting, transactional details,
aging reports and financial management reports
that allow you to incorporate this data into
your own sales tracking, account history and in-depth analysis

We have more than 70 years of successful
cash flow and credit management experience we would
love to put to work for you.